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Reaching out to the children of Jamaica who are victims of abuse

Support the Children of Jamaica

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were otherwise in need of care and protection. Child abuse continues to be a growing problem in Jamaica and where efforts are focused on the perpetrator, not enough is being done to support children that are abused.

A total of 56,531 reports were made to the OCR (Office of the Children's Registry) during the period 2007 – 2014. These statistics represent children who were alleged victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, trafficking or child labour. They also include children who  were reported to exhibit behavioural problems or who

Join us in our fund raising activities, or simply donate your skills by becoming an advocate to raise funds for this worthwhile cause.

EPOCC  was formed to outreach to the Children of Jamaica to give hope by "listening, counselling and educating in order to help keep them safe from abuse".

Your donation will help to maintain the Childline Jamaica service which was launched on 1st July 2019.  This will enable vulnerable children to talk to trained guidance counsellors

Our Patrons

Shaun Wallace

Our Patrons - Shaun Wallace

The Jamaican High Commissioner and his wife

Our Patrons - His Excellency Seth George Ramocan and Dr. Lola Ramocan

His Excellency Seth George Ramocan and
Dr. Lola Ramocan

Thousands of Children's Voices
are Never Heard

"One of the many social ills confronting the nation at this time and threatening to undermine the very resilience for which our people are known, is the abuse of our children....  '... I shared my concerns for the safety and security of our children and young people and call for national collaboration at all levels to end the abuse which has left so many victims in its wake"


"I encourage support for community projects that would positively impact their lives and give them a brighter future". (Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General of Jamaica, 6th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conf. 13-18 June 2015)

Website: childlinejamaica.org

Email: info@childlinejamaica.org

Telephone: (office) (876) 967 3397

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Jamaican High Commission