Ellen Pearl Outreach Children's Charity

Reaching out to the children of Jamaica who are victims of abuse

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EPOCC Trustees

Beverley Chung
Founder & Chair

She was born in Jamaica and came to the UK in 1960.  She has a varied community involvement, including:  working for Help the Hospices charity;  Enfield Council on a project to 'lower the teenage pregnancy rate';  School Governor;  Church Board trustee;  Prison visitor; plus a variety of voluntary work with various children's groups.

 Although retired, Beverley is a qualified Volunteer Counsellor with Childline UK

Despite the varied community involvements listed above, Beverley’s passion is now the welfare, wellbeing and aspirational status of children and in particular the children of Jamaica. She believes that to listen to children in a caring, non-judgemental and confidential manner will empower those who are subject to abuse. Her energy is now directed towards supporting the children of Jamaica to have a voice, to say 'no' to abuse, to bring hope and to provide a service that is ethical and sustainable.

Cecelia Ellis
Treasurer Trustee


Cecelia Ellis has worked for over 30 years in a number of large corporate organisations including Eurostar, and The Economist Newspaper Group.  She is currently employed as a VAT Manager.


These roles have provided a wealth of customer service and financial management experience.

She served at a welfare mission in Haiti, French West Indies between August 1985 and February 1987 and also worked for a short time with ChildLine UK.


She has a strong desire to support the ongoing development of services for children and young adults and build on her previous experience to achieve the aims of the charity.

Emma Barton


Both of my parents are Jamaican, and I'm extremely proud of my heritage. Jamaica holds a special place in my heart and I would like to be part of an initiative that provides children with a voice and values their experiences and opinions.


I am an experienced Principal Practitioner who has worked for many years with children and families in crisis. During this time I've supported lots of children who have been subject to various types of abuse. The long-term impact can be life changing. I would like to be actively involved in helping and supporting children to have the opportunity to enjoy their childhood and be enabled to meet their full potential.

I am passionate about empowering young people, by providing them with the tools and knowledge to make informed choices. I am also an active School Governor who enjoys the challenges and rewards that being accountable for others learning and development entails.  I have worked within social care for over fifteen years, within a variety of different settings both within local government and the private sector.  This has ranged from voluntary work to paid roles, across youth justice, child in need, child protection, to fostering and adoption. During this time I started as a Social Worker and progressed to be a Principal Practitioner and then a Deputy Manager.


My work has enabled me to have a good understanding of child protection legislation, policies, and best practice ways of working within the UK. I have an understanding of the structure and ways in which Jamaica currently works and would like to offer support to their current practice. I have an awareness of how to set up services in terms of infrastructure, business policies, processes and procedures.

Jacqueline Longmore

Jacqueline Longmore is an experienced solicitor practising in England (nearly 30 years) in the field of child protection and safeguarding. She manages lawyers also specialising in that field providing legal advice and representation for social work teams.


She has throughout her career chosen to represent the vulnerable families and children within those families and is a member of the Law Society's Children Law Accreditation Scheme (Children Panel).


Jacqueline is of Jamaica heritage and is particularly keen to join with her other trustees in this new charity in achieving the best child focused outcomes for the children of Jamaica.

Lesli-Ann Belnavis
Childline Jamaica Manager/Counsellor

Ms Belnavis is a qualified MSc Art Therapist, specializing in working with children and adolescents from the ages of 2-adulthood with varying conditions including autism; depression; trauma; grief; stress; complex personality disorders and with other emotional/developmental and behavioural concerns; physical disabilities; HIV and AIDS concerns.  She has developed training programs for correctional officers and staff workshops, managed volunteers, acted as part-time guidance counsellor for students, worked with single mothers as an inspirational lead on behalf of the Ministry of Education and the National Education Trust. Her experience is wide-ranging in working with young people across Jamaica and in the US and has a passion for care and well-being of children.  She will be responsible for the training and supervision of a team of volunteer telephone counsellors.

Website: childlinejamaica.org

Email: info@childlinejamaica.org

Telephone: (office) (876) 967 3397

Sponsored by:

Jamaican High Commission